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Increase Traffic at Industry Expos with Shake and Share Media

Photobooth Activations Attract Interest at NYC Trade Shows

What even is a trade show? It’s simple! Basically, competing companies from within an industry come together (usually for just for a day or two) to exhibit their newest products and discuss market trends with consumers and influencers. It may not sound like much, but for many participants this can be their biggest sales event of the year! But, because these expos last for such a short amount of time and attract such a high amount of traffic, the real challenge is making your exhibit stand out among a sea of competitors. That’s where our photobooth activations come in!

Over the years, Shake and Share has featured our booths at Boutique Design New York, the Indie Beauty Expo, and many other trade shows. Essentially, the goal is to create a fun, fashionable experience with as small a footprint as possible (space is expensive).We typically use an alluring back drop and our Ringlight Photobooth to capture still photos and GIFs of participants in front of the display.

How does this benefit an exhibitor? TWO WAYS:

  1. As an exhibitor, your main objective at a trade show is to build interest. If you’re not creating buzz for your brand, then you will fade into the blur of displays around you. An engaging activation like our photobooths draws participants to your exhibit and, after their photo, they remain as potential customers!
  2. By adding branding to the digital copies of these photos, a company can create instant marketing for their brand on multiple social media platforms. And the photo itself serves as a lasting momento for the customer, as well!

Exhibiting at a trade show can be as rewarding as it is challenging. Shake and Share Media is here to make your time as efficient and effective as possible!

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