Captured Moments: Best of 2018

 Highlights of 2018 for Shake and Share Media

With our lenses focused on fresh ideas for the new year, we wanted to take a proud moment to reminisce on all of our favorite experiences of 2018! Shake and Share Media booked a record-breaking number of events in the past year and introduced our game-changing In-Motion Video Booth. We traveled a little further from home and even met some famous faces along the way! Here are the captured moments we’ll always remember:

Mike and Jessica Trout
How better to start the year than with a snowy wedding for the MLB center fielder and his beautiful bride!

Bulova Grammy’s Party
This was the debut of our In-Motion Video Booth! In the year since, we’ve come a long way in developing and expanding upon this booth. Still, we knew by the overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback that we had a hit on our hands!

Sophisticated Weddings
At the NYC-based Bridal Magazine’s 2018 Release Party, we built our first custom video booth set! Now a go-to move for playful and airy, we filled the booth with white balloons. Twice a year we team up with Sophisticated Weddings and love the chance to see all of our favorite planners!

“Big Easy, Big Dreams” Prom
We brought our In-Motion Photo Booth to MSG for the Garden of Dreams Foundation’s annual prom for teens facing challenges. Of course we had a ton of fun with the glitzy gold set up, but man-oh-man was this event rewarding.

Dance With Me USA
At the summer invitational for the Chmerkovskiy brothers’ nationwide dance studio, we got to catch up with Val and Jenna (engaged shortly after!) and some of our other favorite DWTS pros!

Tom and Fay
For this couple’s glamorous Prohibition-style wedding at the William Vale, we pulled out all the stops designing a luxurious custom-built set for guests to let loose in our In-Motion Video Booth!

NYC Pride with Macy’s
We were beyond excited for our two-day event at Pride Island. But we could not have prepared our team for the amount of enthusiasm, energy, and eccentricity that blew through our video booth like a hurricane. An exciting, exhausting, and exhilarating two days!

Skinnygirl Jeans
In September, during NYFW, Bethenny Frankel launched her new line of Skinnygirl Jeans and Shake and Share was lucky enough to be at that very first party! We captured simple, stylish videos of Queen B and her models on an eye-catching red backdrop. Before we knew it, we were seeing our videos pop up online for both Bethenny and Skinnygirl’s social media!

Facing Addiction NYC
On October 8, 2018, at a charity gala for Facing Addiction, our founder Starr Aleman met Ringo Starr, after whom she was named. And that is 100% worth noting!

Holiday Parties
In our last month of 2018, it felt like we never stopped moving. There were days when every single one of our booths were out for events, and we realized that this was going to be a record year for Shake and Share Media. Our very last event of the season, a holiday party for Macy’s corporate, featured a festive holiday set up for our In-Motion Video booth–the MVP product of the year!

And now, we look forward! If you worked with us last year, we cannot thank you enough. The calendar is already filling up for 2019, and we could not be more excited to see what projects, partnerships, and collaborations are in store for Shake and Share Media!

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