Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a Luxury Photo Booth

Start 2019 in Style by Capturing the Moment in our Open-Air Photo Booth


Probably not the countdown you were expecting for this post, but hey- we’ve got a business to run! New Year’s Eve is arguably the most iconic holiday in New York City. Nobody wants to admit it, but we’ve all imagined the excitement of standing in Times Square counting down as the ball drops at midnight. Instead, you can usually find New Yorkers dressed to the nines at a fabulous open bar extravaganza, holding endless glasses of champagne throughout the evening. And while bubbly and confetti may be the go-to essentials on NYE, we’re going to insist that one of our Luxury Photo Booths join the mix as well.

A celebration like New Year’s Eve is one that guests are going to want to remember for the year to come (until we do it all over again). But who wants to be bothered to take photographs when you’re enjoying the festivities in a room full of energy? No one. The answer is no one. EXCEPT for Shake and Share Media! We’re here to capture the moment for you, and then print it and share it to your phone so you can post before your next top off!

Don’t let that sequined gown go unnoticed!
Don’t miss the chance capture the memories of 2019.

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