Ringlight Boomerang Booth Draws Crowd to BDNY Exhibit

Fabric Innovations Uses Boomerang Booth to Stand Out at BDNY 2018

This past weekend we teamed up with Fabric Innovations (we love you!) to help bring some exposure to their exhibit at Boutique Design New York 2018. BDNY is the leading conference for hospitality design professionals and brought together over 8,000 interior designers in just two days! Knowing the volume and need for a social presence, we packed up our Ringlight Boomerang Booth and headed to Javitz Center.

When it comes to trade shows, the goal is always to get as much traffic through your exhibit as possible. Connections are made in person, and so it is our job as the brand’s activation to draw the attention of the designers who are passing through the expo. The set was dreamy: a metallic, bejeweled silver wall with a statement neon sign that read “New York State of Mind.” It wasn’t long before rumors of our booth spread throughout the convention, and pretty soon designers were seeking our activation to capture their own moment.

With the Ringlight Boomerang Booth, each session moves quickly and so we were able to welcome large crowds of attendees who would all then network with the Fabric Innovations team after their session. And since our LED lighting was on point (if I do say so myself) and the Boomerang Booth comes with the Glam Filter, it didn’t take long for the boomerangs to begin showing up on social media, as well!

If you want to be the talk of the town (er…expo), you’ve got to give the people what they want! And the people want selfies!

Want to learn more about our Ringlight Boomerang Booth? Check it out here!

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