“Met Gala Style” Video Booth

Video Booth at The Conrad Hotel

Last year, we launched our new service – the In-Motion Video Booth– and spent most of 2018 perfecting the process and spreading the word that a unique and exciting new activation had come to the New York! This year we plan to really focus on establishing the Video Booth as the cornerstone of Shake and Share Media. And, so far, we’ve had an excellent start! Our very first event of 2019 was an exciting video activation with the Conrad Hotel in Battery Park City! (If you haven’t been, GO. The Conrad is the epitome of luxury, and you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy a taste!)

In the past, we’ve created some remarkable set designs for our Video Booths. Still, there’s something to be said for a simple, elegant set up that focuses the camera instead on the guests. Since the Conrad team was dressed up in their celebratory best, we decided on a polished black backdrop to let their personal glamor shine! And if anyone really wanted to go for gold, we brought along some of our most lavish props to round out their outfits.

The key to creating memorable videos, then, rested in the hands of our on-site editor. The unsung hero of our In-Motion Booths, the editor takes each recording and transforms it into a unique video clip. Both the most important and most difficult feature to master, the on-site editing process is what sets our In-Motion Video Booth apart from any comparable service in New York City! Our team is constantly developing new layouts and effects to keep the videos fresh for our many clients.

You can find examples of our work with the In-Motion Video Booth on our YouTube channel!
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