Brand Activation for Soul Cycle

Shake and Share Media Teams Up with Cycling Phenomenon to Attract New Riders

SoulCycle may already have a (very fit) army of devoted followers, but they’re always trying boost their ridership with new members. This past week, Shake and Share joined them in this endeavor with a brand activation for the wildly popular indoor cycling movement. The plan was to use our luxury photo booth to entice shoppers at a busy storefront in Soho to stay long enough to learn about the brand. And, of course, to walk away with a unexpectedly fabulous photo as a souvenir.

We wanted the booth to feel like an extension of SoulCycle’s branding – crisp, energetic, and engaging. To achieve this, we set up one of their iconic bikes in front of a clean white backdrop for guests to try out. Then, we added vibrant yellow accents to the overlay on both printed and digital copies. Before ever speaking to the instructor team, these participants already felt like they were part of the SoulCycle experience. Therefore, convincing them to book their first class felt natural and effortless!

This successful set up was another example of our how a photo and video activation can be utilized as an effective experiential marketing tool. Rather than outrightly selling products or promoting services, Shake and Share Media strives to build interest in brands by engaging customers. A fun, high fashion photo booth can be the perfect tool to get them in the door!

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