In Motion with Katy Perry

Katy Perry Collections and Shake and Share Media Team Up for Shoe Launch

*Forgive us for the Katy Perry songs strewn about this blog. We couldn’t help it.

The original California Gurl[s] debuted her playful new line of shoes from Katy Perry Collections this week. The launch party included a meet-and-greet with the pop icon and–you guess it!–a photo op with Shake and Share Media! Luckily for us (and the fans tbh), the events team decided to go-big-or-go-home with our In-Motion Videobooth and we were able to curate a really special moment for her greatest supporters!

“Mini music videos” is typically how we’d describe our video booth activations. We say this because they’re often set to good beats and dance is an energetic form of movement to keep participants Wide Awake for the camera. However, the videos we created for the Katy Perry fans actually were music videos! The only things missing were a good lip sync and an outlandish wardrobe. We filmed the quick clips in front of a branded butterfly backdrop lit by our studio lighting. Consequently, this also worked as the inspiration for the special effects added by our on-site editor. And for the finishing touch, each video was set to her newest hit, “365“.

The energy and enthusiasm from Katy’s young admirers was contagious. With only the Roar of her chart-toppers playing in the background (and very little direction) they gave us excited and animated videos to produce! Unfortunately, the superstar herself was The One That Got Away. She graciously gave all of her time to the fans before being whisked off to her next engagement.

But, don’t worry, Katy. You’re still our Teenage Dream!

You can see more from our In-Motion Video booth on our YouTube page!
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