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Photo Activation at Essence Beauty Carnival

Boomerang Booth Gets a Festive Upgrade with Carnival-Themed Set

You know that feeling of excitement and accomplishment that comes with taking advantage of a perfect photo opportunity? If you don’t, we probably don’t want to see your Instagram. But if this sounds familiar, then you can relate to the hundreds of gorgeous women that came through our photo booth at the Essence Beauty Carnival last weekend! Although the event was teeming with extravagant photo activations, ours was truly the crown jewel (this pun will make more sense in a moment).

Originally created in New Orleans, the Essence Beauty Carnival is a two day celebration of women of color. The event features celebrity speakers, curated shopping experiences, and countless opportunities to capture beauty on film! For our activation, a gorgeous feathered and bejeweled headpiece (shout out @iamdessiewonka!) sat suspended upon a queen’s throne. Women lined up to have their royal moment and pose for our Ringlight Boomerang Booth. Along with a glam-enhanced still photo, we were also capturing fun boomerangs of the ladies giving us their fiercest looks. And of course they could share the photos/videos immediately to their phones to intensify their friends FOMO.

All in all, we took something like 900 photos over the weekend. Not really a surprise considering the buzz created around a jaw-dropping set design, studio quality lighting, and the infamous Beyonce Fan! And the wild popularity of our photo activation wasn’t the only good news. We’re also immensely proud to be able to empower these women to see the beauty in themselves and each other–and capture that moment in our photobooth! ūüôā

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