Roaming Photo Booth at Cocktail Party for The Cher Show

New “Roaming” Photo Booth Brings the Camera Directly to Your Guests!


I mean, where do we start. First of all, we’re actively brainstorming ways to get tickets to see The Cher Show on Broadway! Whoever decided to bring such an iconic performer’s life to stage is our new favorite person. But, while we were adding up our nickels and dimes, previews began last week on November 1st. And, much to our delight, the New York Times had gifted their favorite clients with tickets, with a fun cocktail party beforehand featuring yours truly!

Because most guests were meeting for the first time, we wanted to avoid the pressure of entering a stationary booth and keep the focus on mingling in a more easygoing setting. Luckily, our team specializes in creative solutions, and we conceptualized a roaming photo booth for the event! Essentially, it’s the same equipment and tech as our one of our stationary Boomerang booths. However, we broke it down into a mobile unit that can be carried around the party to capture candid moments.

The wonderful thing about our new Roaming Photo Booth is that it offers many of the same perks as our other services. Guests can still take advantage of our instant social sharing by entering their contact info directly into the tablet. To ensure that everyone received print outs of their photos, we built a printing station near the entrance for pick up on their way to the theater. And, of course, we’d never let someone step in front of our camera without the option of dressing up! (Honestly, neither would Cher!) So, a second tech made the rounds with our Roaming Booth to offer an array of 70’s themed props.

We are looking forward to adding this new booth to our roster for future events!!!
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