Oheka Castle Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booth

Shake and Share Media Photo Booths had the amazing opportunity to attend a luxurious wedding at the iconic, Oheka Castle.  The views are just breathtaking.  The long gravel road, lined with perfectly trimmed pines, gave us the feeling of arriving at Buckingham Palace.  The stunning massive lawns and gardens are able to be seen from all in and around the property.  The double winding staircase as you enter is perfect for a royal wedding.  The photo booth was set up in the main ballroom, overlooking the rear gardens.  All throughout the night, guests were stepping out to get photos of the unbelievable views.  The main ballroom was a beautiful backdrop for the wedding.  Our photo booth was set along the back wall, centered, so guests could see us from any seat in the room.  Party-goers were hopping in the photo booth all throughout the night to catch their perfect shots against our, Instagram-worthy, gold backdrop.

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