In-Motion Video Booth at Red Cross Gala

Cinematic Installation for Honored Guests at the 2018 Greater New York Red Cross Gala

A charity gala is no small feat to pull off. You have to impress (and feed) hundreds of honored guests, while balancing the gravity of the cause with light-hearted touches. This year’s American Red Cross Gala, hosted at Ziegfeld Ballroom for the Greater New York region, did a bang up job of combining elements to create a memorable evening! Anchored, of course, by our one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, too-many-hyphens In-Motion Video Booth!

Although we’ve created elaborate, extravagant installations in the past, we wanted to keep this event simple. Guests were already dressed to the nines, and felt obligated to keep a certain amount of poise throughout the evening (as opposed to say, a wedding, where letting loose is encouraged). Everyone was expected to wear red, so we used a crisp white backdrop to make the color pop. While directing, we wanted the guests to appear effortless on camera, so we asked for natural, small movements. And the final, edited videos oozed class and sophistication!

Throughout the evening, guests snuck away from the bar, their dinners, and the speeches (oops, not our fault!) to get into our video booth. With over 500 in attendance, we were determined to take as many videos as possible! But you know when we knew that the evening was a true success?

When the young leaders of American Red Cross turned their backs on Gavin DeGraw’s live performance to step in front of our cameras. ūüôā

To see more work from our In-Motion Video Booth, check out our YouTube channel!
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