In-Motion Video Booth at Ziegfeld Theater

Shake and Share Media at Ziegfeld theater

We’re barely a month into fall events, and already one thing is becoming very clear to our team. The new In-Motion Video Booth is quickly becoming the top-selling service at Shake and Share Media this event season! In fact, our video booth  was part of an amazing bat mitzvah this past weekend.

The customized set was beach-themed and featured possibly the largest backdrop we’ve ever used. Styled like an ocean horizon, the backdrop stretched onto the floor with oversized inflatables for the kids to interact with. And, you know what? They brought the energy. ALL OF IT. The younger crowd (pleasantly) surprised us with their ability to let loose for the camera with very little direction. In other scenarios, our directors might find themselves asking for a model to give them “more,” but that certainly was not the case! Consequently, that infectious high-spiritedness spread to the parents in attendance, as well!

Our In-Motion Video Booth is truly a unique service. It’s interactive, inventive, and produces a more polished final product than even we could have imagined. To date, we’ve been featured at weddings, product launches, office parties, New York Fashion Week, a prom, and, let’s not forget, a bat mitzvah! Beginning with this most recent event, we’re now even able to provide print out photos as an addition to the In-Motion Booth. You would be hard set to find anything comparable to our video booth in the Tri-State Area! (ie. you can’t).

Check out some of our past work with the In-Motion Video Booth on our YouTube channel.
Or, yanno- try one out!

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