Fashion Video Booths for Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire

Shake and Share Media Features In-Motion Video Booth During New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is already an iconic moment in the Big Apple, but, for Shake and Share Media, it was the biggest of our year! One of our greatest projects was commissioned by Hearst Magazines for several of their top publications. Over the course of three days, we used our In-Motion Video Booth to customize activations for Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

Although we’re used to innovating elaborate sets for our In-Motion Booths, this time we were challenged with implementing a green screen. Of course, we’ve used a green screen in many past projects. The difficulty this time around was in creating beautiful fashion videos without any set design for added glamor. The backgrounds were simple—either a solid color or one of several U.S. cityscapes—overlaid with one of the three magazine covers.

To an inexperienced team, it might seem like the models themselves are the only tool you’re given to work with in this scenario. But, for us, that seemed like we were shirking too much of our own responsibility! Ultimately, we feel that it is our job to make our clients look and feel phenomenal during their shoots. And so we employed a videographer’s secret weapons. Actually, two weapons; because great lighting is KEY. But, we digress.

EDITING. The heart of our In-Motion Booths is the on-site editor, who uses technological wizardry to take very short snippets and turn them into masterful video clips. A small wink or quick smile–put into slow motion–can be the climactic moment in a high fashion video. You don’t have to give the camera very much at all, if the right hands are holding it.

Because listen, in New York City, if you’re walking down the street…you’re a model.

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