(Another!) Cinematic Video Booth for MSG

Shake and Share Media Returns to Madison Square Garden with In-Motion Video Booth

Shake and Share Media was invited back to MSG to build excitement for the 2018 Video Music Awards as part of their #SummerofLive programming. And, after being featured at the Garden of Dreams Foundation‘s Prom back in May, we were ecstatic to get the call! (TBH, we’d walk 20 miles uphill in the snow just to host a booth at such an iconic NYC venue.)

The task was simple: recreate the feel of a music video themed after the VMA’s themselves. And, most importantly, make sure that the Moon Man was in every shot! Coincidentally, we often describe our In-Motion Video Booth as a mini-music video shoot, so this event fell easily into our wheelhouse.

Aesthetically, we wanted a crisp, white background that would highlight the action happening on set. In addition, we created a “cloud” of floating balloons to add depth and movement. The VMA’s color scheme (bright hues of blue and pink) was the foundation of our custom props. Lucky for us, the staff showed up with their A-game (on a Monday; go team!) so getting energy in every shot was never a problem. After filming just a small clip in the booth, our on-site editor added eye-catching graphics and music to the videos. The finished film was a mini-music video worthy of a commercial spot on MTV! But–since we don’t own the network–the team was happy to simply share their videos from our social media kiosks.


Imagine: you sneak away from your officemates for lunch break on a Monday afternoon and return as a rockstar with a published music video in hand. Who’s the coolest girl in the office now, Rebecca!?

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