Branded Content for Kenzo at Vision Expo East

Luxury Eyewear Brand Uses Boomerang Booth to Create Custom Content

The key to success at one of New York’s many trade shows is to make your brand stand out amongst a sea of competitors. And, at this year’s Vision Expo, Kenzo really nailed the presentation of their brand to potential buyers! They were smart enough to see the disadvantage in posting up at the Javits Center with rival brands. Instead, Kenzo ferried clients to a private showroom at on the top floor of The Glasshouses in Chelsea. Along with their newest line of premium eyewear, guests were welcomed to a snack buffet, upbeat tunes, astounding views, and Shake and Share’s very own Ringlight Boomerang Booth!

For three days, we captured fun moments of clients in their favorite style of sunglasses. In addition to the standard photos and GIFs, we also enabled prints for clients to take with them! This branded content increased Kenzo’s online exposure during a crucial sales event. And, ultimately, the entertainment caused buyers to linger longer and learn more about the brand.

Now, I don’t need to explain to you how effective any one of our photo booth products can be at increasing traffic and brand exposure at a trade show. We even wrote an entire blog about it! It doesn’t matter if you’re selling health-conscious beverages, sunglasses, or plungers (ok, we haven’t done that last one); experiential marketing tactics attract potential clients.

(see what I did there?)

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